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The science and technology of agriculture are moving rapidly, and future production practices, nutrient management, and crop protection efforts will be significantly different than today. What won't change is a farmer's need for a knowledgeable agronomic advisor who can provide science-backed recommendations about the production practices that will work best on a specific field. 

Ag View FS provides growers with a team of crop specialists and custom applicators who will tailor recommendations to your ground, your crop plans, and your profitability goals and offer season-long support. The end result is science-based, profit-supporting agronomy that honors environmental stewardship.

Crop Protection

Crop Protection

You face many challenges each year raising your crop; by working with an Ag View FS Crop Specialist, you can remove pesky weeds from that list. Our Crop Specialists have many years of experience in which crop protection products work in each scenario.

Are you battling with glyphosate resistance in your fields? One of our Crop Specialist can work with you to put a crop protection plan in place to keep your fields weed free. There are hundreds of product choices on the market today. Some products have the same active ingredients as others, so putting together a crop protection program can be challenging.

The Crop Specialists at Ag View FS have industry leading training on crop protection products to help you along the way.

Custom Application

Custom Application

Custom Applied Fertilizer

Ag View FS provides custom application of your fertility needs.  We can apply your N, P, & K along with micronutrients if desired.  We also have the ability to apply your dry Nitrogen in corn with a high clearance applicator.  This is a great way to sidedress nitrogen for your corn or milo.

Custom Applied Chemicals

Ag View FS provides custom application of your herbicide and fungicide needs.  We pride ourselves on quality equipment along with our skilled applicators applying products in your field.  This service allows you to focus on other parts of your operation.

VRT - Variable Rate Technology

We provide variable rate application of your fertility needs.  This method allows you to apply varying amounts of Phosphorus and Potassium in the field as directed by soil sampling or yield maps.  This method allows growers and Ag View FS to be good stewards of the land and of the nutrients we apply! It's about the four R's of nutrient management:

Nitrogen Managment

4R nutrient stewardship provides a framework to achieve cropping system goals, such as increased production, increased farmer profitability, enhanced environmental protection and improved sustainability.

To achieve those goals, the 4R concept incorporates the:

  • Right product at the
  • Right rate, at the
  • Right time and in the
  • Right place

Properly managed fertilizers support cropping systems that provide economic, social and environmental benefits. On the other hand, poorly managed nutrient applications can decrease profitability and increase nutrient losses, potentially degrading water and air.

4R nutrient stewardship requires the implementation of best management practices (BMPs) that optimize the efficiency of fertilizer use. The goal of fertilizer BMPs is to match nutrient supply with crop requirements and to minimize nutrient losses from fields. Selection of BMPs varies by location, and those chosen for a given farm are dependent on local soil and climatic conditions, crop, management conditions and other site specific factors.

Other agronomic and conservation practices, such as no-till farming and the use of cover crops, play a valuable role in supporting 4R nutrient stewardship. As a result, fertilizer BMPs are most effective when applied with other agronomic and conservation practices.

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Our Crop Specialists have the experience and tools to help you maximize results year after year. Select your local Ag View FS Plant location from the menu below to find the Crop Specialist currently operating in your area.