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FS Energy Sales & Services

There's a diference between field experts and experts in the field.

Fuel isn’t the only thing driving your success

Businesses that are driven to succeed, partner with Ag View FS. Our energy experts stay focused on what’s ahead, providing next generation fuel management tools and state-of-the-art software, along with a breadth of essential, quality products that point the way forward. Ag View FS is always discovering new ways to help customers optimize their operations and ensure they’re ready for what’s next.

Power Fuels

Absolutely the best fuel to power and protect diesel engines.

Your high-performance diesel engines are designed to deliver the power you need to accomplish tought jobs over the long haul.

FS Dieselex Gold contains a superior additive package that guarantees the performance you need.​

What makes FS the top-selling brand of energy products on the farm? In a word: performanceDieselex® Gold is the premium diesel fuel patrons ask for by name. It keeps you running strong, with more horsepower and more hours per gallon than any other diesel fuel. Commercial truckers are discovering that same boost in performance on the road.

We have a complete line of quality diesel and gasoline blends, including alternative fuels such as ethanol, for all types of equipment. And to help you better manage your cash flow we have forward contracting services.



When it comes to managing your propane needs, no one is more qualified than the propane specialists at Ag View FS.  Our experience and expertise comes through with a wide range of comprehensive programs that save you time and money while ensuring your comfort and safety.  From periodic propane system inspections to convenient payment options, you'll appreciate what our dedicated professionals can do for you.



Whether your equipment is on-road or off-road, you’ll find the FS lubricant you need from our full-line of premium quality products.

FS lubricants use the highest quality base oils and the latest additive technology to meet and exceed most manufacturers’ specifications. Advanced protection against wear ensures that you’ll get the maximum value from both your lubricant and equipment investments.​

Find Your Local Ag View FS Energy Sales Representative

In order to serve our partners better, we employ a number of knowledgeable and motivated LP Gas and Petroleum Sales associates.   Select your local Ag View FS Plant location from the menu below to find the sale associates currently operating in your area.