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Growers trust Ag View FS to deliver top-performing hybrids and varieties that promise the highest profit potential at harvest.  

Crop Specialists at Ag View FS offer seed solutions and expert recommendations tailored to each grower's fields, utilizing cutting edge products from our highly respected FS InVISION Seed Corn, FS HiSOY Soybeans, FS Wheat, FS Forage Seed, and W-L Alfalfa brands, as well as our DEKALBAsgrow, Mycogen, Agrigold and NK®‚Äč brands.

When you choose FS branded seed, you benefit from the expertise of our Ag View FS Crop Specialists, whose job is to help you maximize every acre.

We are the experts in our field. So, the only thing you’ll be asking FS is, what’s next?

Seed Plot Data

Seed Plot Data

Ag View FS takes great pride in our Master Plot program that we’ve been doing for 6 years now!  We hire a third party to plant and harvest our plots to bring the best unbiased data to our customers and salesmen.  These plots are distributed throughout our territory and are subject to our cooperators normal field practices.  Also, to take out any variability, each hybrid is planted randomly 3 times in the plot and the yield averaged to get us more consistent data.  On top of that, the hybrids are grouped according to plant height and of the 4 rows planted, only the center two are harvested to remove any interhybrid competition.

So take time to look over our plots because I’d dare to say that this is the best hybrid data summary for the counties Ag View FS represents!

Sortable Plot Data Tables2017 Sortable Plot Data
Sortable Plot Data Tables2016 Sortable Plot Data
Adobe Reader2016 Master Plot Summary PDF
Sortable Plot Data Tables2015 Sortable Plot Data
Adobe Reader2015 Master Plot Summary PDF
Adobe Reader2014 Master Plot Summary PDF
Adobe Reader2013 Master Plot Summary PDF
Adobe Reader2012 Master Plot Summary PDF

Seed Treatment

Seed Treatment

The Seed Treatment we provide for our customers is the best in the industry.  Ag View FS uses the Bayer On Demand seed treatment system to consistently apply the perfect rate to each bean that travels through it.  We chose the treatments that go on our beans to make sure our partners are receiving the best return on their investment.  To achieve this, Ag View has entered bean treatment studies into our Master Plot program the past two years and based our recommendations off of that to make sure you are getting the needed yield response to profit from our Olympic treatments.

Click here to see a list of our Olympic Seed Treatments offered.



Ag View FS offers 0% financing on all corn and bean purchases made by our early offer date.  This promotion, unlike others in the industry, still entitles you to your early pay, volume and promotional discount that you qualify for.  To add to this great deal, you also might qualify for 0% chemical financing depending on how much seed was purchased!

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